Paulo Luis de Laet

Son of pirates from the Nelanther Isles, a travelling bard from Waterdeep and the Sword Coast.



Paulo has the dusky skin common to a Tethyrian with a touch of Calishite blood and a smile so disarming that it—and his skill with the strings—has kept him in relative comfort for most of his adult life. He wears his dark brown hair long and his eyes are quick and observant. His teeth are straight and gleaming white. While many of his profession tend to be ostentatious dressers, Paulo wears clothing fit for the occasion, and is never separated from his masterwork lute—his most cherished possession.

Paulo is one and twenty winters old and right handed.


It’s difficult to not like Paulo. Charming; a quick wit; extremely talented—the bard inevitably draws individuals to his banner. He has a skill for disarming tense situations and could persuade even the most greedy of dwarves to part with a few gold for a song.

Paulo follows his own moral compass, but inevitably does the right thing. Paulo often finds laws and regulations boorish and limiting, and he chafes under such rules. Freedom is inspiring and creates individuals of merit and import.



Paulo grew up among the chaos of the Nelanther Isles—a small island chain in the Trackless Sea, but had no idea what his future had in store for him. Filled with brigands and pirates of all races, these isles are torn by violence, and Paulo assumed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps: taking over their two-masted brigantine and plying the seas.

The gods had bigger plans for him, however. His reaver parents lost their lives in a skirmish when he had only seen his ninth winter. His family’s vessel taken, the pirates were forced to serve their new masters or become food for the Bitch Queen’s sea creatures.

Young Paulo was pushed overboard; not a single reaver wanted to raise a child aboard ship. Somehow he survived the open ocean and washed up on the coast of Tethyr. He traveled up the Sword Coast with caravans, picking up what he could along the way. How to wield a blade from a warrior from Amn. How to sing and pluck strings from an elderly blind man from Baldur’s Gate.

Eventually, the young bard found himself in the City of Splendors. Waterdeep opened more than just his eyes; Paulo discovered that people would pay to listen to him sing and play his lute…a gift from the old man, who disappeared without saying farewell.

He found he was starting to attract all sorts of attention. A stern man calling himself Khelben Arunsun cornered him at a lord’s manner and told him that he must leave at once for Shadowdale with a thief, a mage, and a Northlander from the Moonshaes.

“A war is on and the Dales need you to depose a tyrant.” the man said as he tapped his black staff against the marble floor. “You had best be going.”

Paulo arrived to find the Dalelands torn apart by a war against a man named Lashan of Scardale. Eventually, Lashan’s host lost its strength and then he lost the war. But rumors persist that Lord Lashan is plotting another campaign come The Melting and Lord Mourngrym of Shadowdale has summoned Paulo and his companions to return and deal with the threat.

Paulo Luis de Laet

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