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  • Scardale

    *Scardale* is one of the regions that makes up the Dalelands. It has long survived where other dales have fallen (such as [[Teshendale | Teshendale]]) despite recent wars and occupation by enemy states.

  • Teshendale

    Situated along the valley of the River Tesh, *Teshendale* was a lost dale once occupied the territory spanning from Zhentil Keep to the Desertsmouth Mountains. Now, the area is covered in ruins, as in 1316 DR it was invaded by Zhent forces and orcs …

  • Shadowdale

    *Shadowdale* is a farming community in the Dalelands, in North Faerûn, and is the home of the archmage [[:elminster-aumar | Elminster Aumar]] and was the home of two of the Seven, Storm Silverhand and Syluné. Due to the number of ruins in Shadowdale, it …